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A blunt rolled while sitting on the toilet, either while pooping, or just using the toilet as a seat. Originating from a blumpkin.
My friend had to take a poop and wanted to roll a blunt. He decided to sit on the toilet and roll himself a nice bluntkin.
by ChaseP123 October 22, 2008
4 10
Recieving a blowjob while smoking a blunt
kid 1: "yo, remember that slut jane from the other night?"
kid 2: "yea dude why? she was totally banging and totally a cock gobbler"
kid 1: "yea well she gave a bluntkin after I offered her weed"
kid 2: "sweet she smoked two stiff spliffs consecutively"
by Chris Kearns and Wes Havran March 20, 2008
54 10
The act of smoking a blunt while getting dome while taking a shit.
Yo man i got a bluntkin last night

Don't you mean a BLUMPkin?

Nah man, i was smoking a fat ass blunt while she gave me a blumpkin

The trifecta!!
by b1uesky December 29, 2010
7 5
Similar to blumkpin but instead of shitting, one is smoking a blunt while recieving a blow job.
I heard Johnny Paulauskas got a bluntkin the other day.
by munk22 May 15, 2010
4 4
when u are smoking a blunt and getting a blowjob at the same time.
dude i got the best bluntkin last night
by ILOVESEX69 March 19, 2010
5 5
The act of smoking a blunt while taking a poo.
What are you doin' man?
Just reading the paper and enjoying my morning bluntkin.
by VandalIcious September 25, 2009
4 5
While taking a poo and smoking a blunt, a girl gives u oral sex.
I was going to the bathroom when my girlfriend came in and gave me a bluntkin.
by Spence Fiasco January 31, 2010
1 3
Sitting on the throne, layin down the law, gettin your baton glazed while smoking jamaica's finest marijuana
me and ben were in the mcdonalds restroom getting a couple bluntkins from two milfs
by abenan'adrew May 18, 2009
5 11