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1. Refers to the Australian male Matt Blundell, King of the Jews and leader of the Third Reich

2. A word used to replace any noun which denotes a penis of impressive size, e.g. He was hung like a Blundell

3. A sexual position named after Matt Blundell which involves the removal of several teeth and the sacrifice of a goat. E.g. "...then things got frisky and he put me in a Blundell...I have to see the dentist and get a cast for my pelvis."
That Matty Blundell is a feckin' kent!

He took her home and did a great, big Blundell...in her butt.

He fell down the stairs like a fuckin' Blundell.

She said he was hung like a Blundell
by Ginger Kent May 05, 2011