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Similar to the classic known as the blumpkin. A man is in the 69 position while taking a dump. Then the person not taking a dump shits in the other person's mouth while saying "Beep Beep Beep"
How would like like a Blump-truck?
by BigEvil13 & Mr. Mullet January 28, 2011
Getting a blumpkin(getting a blowjob while taking a shit) and dumptrucking(Pooping in someone's mouth while they give a rimjob). At least 3 people are required for this.
Guy 1:" So I hear stacey and kelly give a mean blumptruck"
Guy 2: "damn dude, I knew they were whores, but I honestly didn't think they would go that far."
by JenkemJenkins October 20, 2010