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A combination of Bloody and Bugger (as in wicked, not sexual) uttered while speaking really fast or in rage.
The blugger took me for a ride and duped me!
by Mohit Hira September 22, 2009
Adaptation of the word 'blugly', which in turn is derived from the phrase 'bloody ugly'. Used to describe the most unfortunate looking of all disgustingly ugly people
1: Ah m8, you didn't fuck that bird last nite did you!?
2.: Nah man, did u see her!? She was fuckin' bluggers!!
by Joe Walford September 05, 2007
a blugger is a definition for a little bugger but the old meaning of bugger where a bugger is a naughty child not the sexual meaning
an irritable child or person maybe a blugger
by jameswatters September 16, 2007
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