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(n) Blu lobb(stur) - The most morally liberal of girls. Finding a girl who will do nearly anything in bed, with any amount of man, woman, or animal is a rare feet on par with finding a blue lobster. These ladies are henceforth dubbed blue lobsters for the seeming rarity with which they are found.
When the girl I met at the club texted me a picture of herself surrounded by three cocks and cum dripping from her chin I knew without a doubt I was dealing with a real blue lobster!

Hey Frank, I'm feeling strong tonight. Let's go find some blue lobsters and have a bukaki party!

TORETTO! TORETTO! A Blue Lobster came into my house, disrespected my whole family because somebody narc'd me out! And you know what? IT WAS YOU!
by montreal lobsterman August 15, 2010
A blue lobster is the activity in which a girl will do nitrous and give head to a guy until she literally dies choking on his or her penis and then you take a picture.
I have a blue lobster on my hands, get the wood chipper.
by Anonymousblackmale September 06, 2013
A sex position, like anal doggy-style, but you're lying on your tummy.
Oh! Richard! Keep doing that blue lobster on me!
by THE SEX MONSTER June 15, 2011