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a type of hybrid character used in Final Fantasy games in which a charater is able to use the special skills/magics of an enemy. Also known as Enemy Skills in the 7th installment of Final Fantasy. Spells like White Wind and Mighty Guard are typical Blue Mage skills.
That Blue Mage should have used Mighty Guard before the boss used that 5,000 damage move; we probably would have lived.
by TenguNigga October 11, 2004
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A common job class within the Final Fantasy series. The "BlueMage" learns his skills and abilities from opposing monsters. In Final Fantasy 7, the blue mage was replaced by the "E.Skill" materia. E-Skill stands for Enemy Skill.
-What's your favorite job class?
-I like the blue mages.
by Ace March 12, 2004
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An infamous internet personality, known for his delusions of grandeur and ability to splice his urine stream into three seperate streams.
by BlueMage August 28, 2003
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