A condition in a guy when a he is turned on but can't get off.
Great now i'm gonna have blue balls for a week.
by Kitten494 October 12, 2008
a lame excuse guys use to get girls in the sack
pain felt when a dude is left unfinished
Man my blue balls just wont quit you
by dundlegrundleberrycherry February 25, 2003
After a girl dick teases you and you dont come, thats where blue balls come in
My name is Jordan Trochimchuk and i have blue balls!
by bradman686 February 09, 2010
A feeling a man gets when he gets extremely turned on- yet does not do anything to solve the problem. So when the erection goes down- the balls start to swell and pain starts to occur. The pain has been compared to the "Being Sacked" sensation.. Or basically getting hit in the Family Jewels.

You just get a TON of soldiers ready for battle with no cammand to foward- you know?
After 8 hours of long interesting foreplay, my girlfriend had to leave. So with no sex, all i have now are 2 giant blue balls!
by KingMuffin July 07, 2009
when a guy gets very arroused by a female, but she decides not to let him inside. hes hard, but she dont want it.
girl: what i do is i make out with him, and he gets hella hard, then he says "babe lets have sex" but i say no.
girl2: oh shit, why would you give him blue balls girl?!
by mrszxbryant May 31, 2009
When your getting a handjob, and the girl stops right before your about to cum, and it hurts
Jim: aww awww yes Jessica!!!
Jessica: why didn't you cum???
Jim:.... u fucking stopped, you gave me the blue balls =(
by mypenis:) April 30, 2009
the ultimate revenge!
girl 1: so, did you get to hook up with anyone last night?
girl 2: yeah, remember that sleeze ball John who donkey punched me? I went to his place and gave him a mad case of blue balls!
girl 1: bravo!
by mkannnieexx March 27, 2008

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