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After a girl dick teases you and you dont come, thats where blue balls come in
My name is Jordan Trochimchuk and i have blue balls!
by bradman686 February 09, 2010
When you fuck a blueberry pie.
Daniel Ahl: screw the apple pie, ill fuck a blueberry pie!
Taylor: why?!
Daniel Ahl: so my wiener and shit will be blue!
Taylor: LMAO! new meaning to blue balls!
by danielahlisbeast! June 26, 2010
the ultimate revenge!
girl 1: so, did you get to hook up with anyone last night?
girl 2: yeah, remember that sleeze ball John who donkey punched me? I went to his place and gave him a mad case of blue balls!
girl 1: bravo!
by mkannnieexx March 27, 2008
when a girl doesn't get completely satisfied, she takes his dick out of her pussy and won't let him cum on her tits. so all that God damn delicious cum stays stuck in his firm cock and retracts back into his nuts, therefore giving him...blue balls.
Sally: O GOD!!! FUCK ME!!!!
Henry: ok!!!
5 minutes later
Sally: this is the worst sex ever! (takes Henry's hard dick out of her dry pussy)
Henry: WAIT!! i'm ready to cum!!!
Sally: NO! you can keep your blue balls!!! learn how to fuck a pussy!!!
by wet_pussy_710509 July 30, 2006
When your getting a handjob, and the girl stops right before your about to cum, and it hurts
Jim: aww awww yes Jessica!!!
Jessica: why didn't you cum???
Jim:.... u fucking stopped, you gave me the blue balls =(
by mypenis:) April 30, 2009
When a girl gives you a blowjob and she never lets you cum in her mouth. She leaves you unfinished and you get blue balls, a horrible pain.
Man: OH MY FKN GOD! You never finished! Now I have blue balls.

Woman: *laughs*
by KD321 May 19, 2007
blue balls is a form of power over men for women. when a woman feels that a man is not giving her the respect she deserves, that he has a small dick or is unattractive, that she wants revenge for whatever reason or is angry at the man, she will sexually arouse the man, but not give him the satisfaction of ejaculation. after a long time, this creates intense pain in his balls, and the woman can feel the sweet, sweet joy of power that women, in our culture, seldom feel over men.
"He was being an asshole and telling me that I would be a great notch in his belt. So I gave him blue balls... that should teach him to talk to women right!"
"Yeeaaah, girl!"

"He told me that he liked me best when I didn't talk, then said, 'Let's fuck.' He was small, too; why would I want to fuck that? I gave him blue balls instead. Haha selfish bastard."
by pakmafafmr April 08, 2009