When a woman teases your cock to the point of no return then backs off..
As i was leaving the state, my gf decided to give me a half blowjob before i got on the plane..

3 fkn hours of excruciating blue balls pain and no way of releif.
by flat6 May 24, 2006
1: In reality, it's bringing a male close to climax (close enough where his testicles get filled with seminal fluid and semen), but not letting him get rid of the built-up sex juices.
The resulting inundation causes extreme discomfort and pain, lasting for hours.
See also blue ball
2: In slang terms, it's the expectation and tremendous build-up of getting something you want, only to find that you're not going to get it in the end.
2: I'm sorry to blueball you, but remember how I said you're getting a Corvette, yeah, you're actually getting a Yugo...
by The horror...the horror... August 09, 2004
When an erect penis cannot achieve orgasm; When a chick makes a guy horny without finishing the job
That hot chick, I met last night, got me so horny. Then she flat out left me. Talk about blue balls!
by bakerd812 November 21, 2004
The state of pain and discomfort caused by an interrupted session of fellatio. Can happen for a number of reasons, including (a) calling the girl by a name that's not hers, especially the name of an ex she knows about (b) turning on the TV in the middle of getting head (c) interruption by a third party, especially parents or other authority figures (d) the girl having had too much to drink earlier and needing to throw up right there and then (with it ending up on your shoes, trousers, and possibly lap). Results in almost cramp-like pains in the groin and/or abdominal areas. Sometimes used as a way for a girl to inform a guy she's breaking up with him.
1) I have blue balls, because I forgot and called my girlfriend by my ex's name.
2) Jimmy got blue balled when the girl he was feeding drinks to had to throw up.
by Evil timmy September 02, 2005
The excruciating pain felt in the balls when a girl gives you head, but doesn't finish you off.
by djdan December 29, 2002
The single greatest and most used excuse by males to ensure that females or males finish the job.
Baby if you stop now I will get blue balls.
by madfelixxx December 13, 2007
1. A ball (usually used in the children's game of Kickball) that is blue.
2. A small town in Pennsylvania.
3. A hypothermic male's testicle.
4. The unpleasent feeling in a male's testicular region that results from euphoric sexual arousal that was cut tragically short before the male reaches an orgasm. The pain that results is dull and can last for up to 24 hours, and is comparable to getting ball-tapped for an entire day.
1. Billy and Jane went to play Kickball in the field with their new blue ball.
2. Amos and Jebediah live on a farm in Blue Ball, Pennsylvania.
3. The only thing the man who was buried in an avalanche could think of was his blue ball.
4. That silly, foolish girl didn't know that if she's selfish and doesn't give me an orgasm, I'll get a case of Blue Ball.
by Bert Murray February 15, 2006

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