1. The world on which we (well, most of us) live. Earth.
2. (Big) blue ball, an instant messenger-themed web-forum
"We've all got to stick together here on this big blue ball"
by J_Dubb November 28, 2005
An excuse I used to get laid in high school.
give me some head, bitch, I've got blue balls
by body of christ August 27, 2004
1.The swelling of the the testicles brought about by a number of reasons harboring excruciating pain and sorrow
2.The only crime worse than rape
contrary to popular belief, it can NOT always be relieved by getting off.
by Tommy May 19, 2004
A shot of that consists of red bull,jagermeister,aftershock, and what ever else you got laying around.
One shot of blue balls makes your testicles numb and blue.
by jerryblank May 17, 2005
A painfull feeling to your testicals (also called balls). Your balls turn blue. This can be caused by dry humping.
Blueballs is a painful and my balls are blue
by Ble February 13, 2006
when the balls ezperience a lack of blood flow cut off by the erection
lemme fuck u so i dont get fuckin blueballs, bitch
by Sandaro Boucklembo March 09, 2003

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