a condition where your balls (testicles) ache. Occurs after a few days of abstinance or after being very sexually aroused for a period of time without coming to orgasm.
I've got blueballs today, I haven't blown a load in 5 days.

My live-in was just playin' with me last night; when I was ready to mount her she said no and went to sleep! I got sooo blueballed I jerked off on her back.
by Jake February 20, 2004
A ridiculously painful condition that occurs when a man is close to orgasm, but is suddenly cut off.
Ladies, imagine if you will, that someone is going down on you intensely. You're building up to what will surely be the best orgasm you've ever had. All of a sudden, you're partner stops. You're about to ask what the fuck is going on, when all of a sudden you're partner slams a bowling ball up your vagoo. This is kind of like Blue Balls.
by Venompen September 09, 2009
Extreme seminal back-up caused by coming close to getting pussy and not getting it or not getting any for a long period of time. Aslo caused by long periods of semi-sexual activity and not getting any. ex: Dry humping, hand/blow jobs and not cumming.
My girlfriend can't blow and I got blue balls.
by Philip Murillo December 03, 2003
The aching of testicles brought about by partial sexual deprivation or lack of poontang.
That skanky ho-bag left me with a mad case of blue balls!
by Batman November 10, 2001
1. Slang - To be extremely excited about something soon to happen, and become denied right before the event.

2. Actual - To be aroused to the point of extreme erection, and be denied right before actual intercourse. Testicles become bruised and pain occurs; hence the name and color description: blue balls.
1. I've been craving some MGD beer, but when I got to the bar they gave the last one to some bitch. Damn... what a blue ball.
by Ly (Chubby Cow) February 12, 2004
100 smurfs, 1 Smurfette
Handy smurf is the only smurf who never got blue ball.
by Dugi Wugi September 13, 2005
The most excruciating pain you can experience while still having your balls intact. It happens when you've had an erection for a long time, but never achieved orgasm. If your cratch brushes the slightest bit against anything, it feels like they've been hit with a hammer.
She jerked me around for a few hours, but every time I was about to blow my load, she stopped. Now I've the worst blueballs ever.
by Pimpalicious March 24, 2005
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