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Also known as vasocongestion.
I came down with a bad case of blue balls when I didn't achieve an orgasm.
by Robby H. July 05, 2005
63 31
When some male gets horny...and doesn't blow a load.
"AW, Fuck dude, last night, my girlfriend was mad at me, and wouldn't jerk me off, i had the biggest hard-on and now i have blue ball.
by sfafas October 24, 2007
100 64
Santa's 10th Reindeer. Originally slated to team with Rudolph on that foggy Christmas Eve, Blue Balls was too inebriated to make the trip. After his fall from grace, Blue Balls left the North Pole in ignominy. It is believed that Blue Balls now owns and operates a bar in Reykjavik, Iceland. Much celebrated by adult drinkers, Blue Balls costumes can often be seen at Halloween and Holiday Parties.
Blue Balls was a talented flyer, but his lack of restraint ended his North Pole career.
by Glennmeister November 30, 2008
86 53
what Papa Smurf always has
Fred Flintstone said to Barney Rubble, "I thought I had it bad, but Papa Smurf always has blue balls.
by Black Wolf October 22, 2005
102 70
when u get a male horny and don't allow him to bust you just make him so horny by rubbing his balls or dick then leaving him without ejaculating
My boyfriend refused to buy me dinner, so later that night i rubbed him and did a couple up downs and gave him the worst blue balls ever. i turned him on so much he was never harder but i never let him bust.
by bitchychicky December 16, 2007
49 22
when a person of the male gender approches his climax and then does not climax either because a parent walks in or his partner is playing a cruel joke
dude 1: did you have fun with sally last night?
dude 2: fuck no, the bitch blue-balled me when her parents came home
dude 1: dude that sucks
dude 2: no man, she doesnt suck
by petey pablo May 14, 2003
64 38
A terrible feeling, usually happening in striptease bars, beaches or other places like that. When you (a male) are really horny and arosed from watching a naked/half-naked woman, but are unable to do what you gotta do (ejaculate) by having sex or masturbating.
This is NOT A VERY NICE feeling, and is better avoided.
I always think about those poor guys who have to photograph porn/striptease movies. They probably are always experiencing blueball. Having to watch sex but being unable to participate in some way is a nightmare.
by Urban_Fellow July 20, 2006
81 57