Also known as vasocongestion.
I came down with a bad case of blue balls when I didn't achieve an orgasm.
by Robby H. July 05, 2005
A painful feeling in the testicles, usually felt after being very sexually aroused, but you never blew your load.
"that girl was just playin' with me, cause when i was ready to fuck she said no and went to sleep! i got sooo blue balled!"
by xtremelybuffji January 01, 2004
a point where a male is sexually worked up, only to be painfully disappointed.
Sasha blue balled Jonny by rubbing his penis and stopping before he was able to cum
by *Shlee* August 21, 2003
a painful condition of the tesicles due to being sexually aroused for too long
One way to deal with blue balls is to take a cold shower.
by Light Joker November 22, 2005
girls hate not cumming too just fyi, and whats the deal w men being so sensitive,. women give birth !!!! u guys just cant take any pain? and no a woman doesnt feel pain if she doesnt cum, its just really annoyin and were horny all day
when he cums waaaay too soon, even tho i was like just about too like in a second. blue balls
by ?iiiiiiiiiiiii December 14, 2009
(bl-eu:bal-lz) - noun - when a man is at the point of climax but the woman stop sucking his manhood (or winkle, winkie, peepee, johnjohn, etc.), and his cum (seamen, white stuff, etc.) falls back down to where it belongs. this often results in severe pain and anger for the man, and the woman ending up having an interesting story to tell her friends.
man 2: damn, she didn't finish you off?! that sucks bro.

woman 1: EW his penis was sooooo small, so i started for a bit and got him going, but randomly got up and left him with blue balls :D
woman 2: ROTF! you bitch! hahhahahahahaha!
by abcdef aly December 09, 2007
Ladies, don't let a guy convince you to sleep with him if he has this "condition." Honestly, it doesn't hurt that bad, and he can always sneak into the bathroom to jack off later. Guys can be such pussies if it means getting laid.
Blue balls make me LOL.
by Cassy Muffin-Pants March 17, 2007
A strange condition stemming from extreme sexual stimulation of the male gentals but not allowing orgasm to occur. Like a previous entry mentions, "When Polly won't finish off your cracker". Said to be extremly uncomfortable, as if taking a shot to the testicles and having the pain radiate up to your navel. The best and most common remedy is to beat it off, but there are some guys who refuse to do so and prefer the cold shower which also helps to counter the pain. And yes ladies, please don't let this happen to your men, because it sucks.
That one night stand left Matt with a bad case of blue balls. His wingman, on the flip side, had it made.
by TheSpectacularOne May 01, 2009

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