when you are partially through some type of sexual act and your girl cant finish the job. or if you just had a dry hump and u were able to hold in jizzing your pants.
i had the worst case of blue balls last night cause my girl was blowing me last , but got tired and couldn't finish the job.
by kingpin March 29, 2003
When you fuck a blueberry pie.
Daniel Ahl: screw the apple pie, ill fuck a blueberry pie!
Taylor: why?!
Daniel Ahl: so my wiener and shit will be blue!
Taylor: LMAO! new meaning to blue balls!
by danielahlisbeast! June 26, 2010
when a guy gets very arroused by a female, but she decides not to let him inside. hes hard, but she dont want it.
girl: what i do is i make out with him, and he gets hella hard, then he says "babe lets have sex" but i say no.
girl2: oh shit, why would you give him blue balls girl?!
by mrszxbryant May 31, 2009
This is an uncomfortable situation that describes the achy feeling in the balls after an erection that has lasted several hours longer than anticipated. Playing with big tits and making out can cause this in teenagers. Can only be relieved by masturbating as soon as possible.
"I sure had a bad case of blue balls after playing with Tracey's big tits and touching her sticky panties all night. She's lucky I didn't rape her."
by master of the factory March 25, 2008
a lame excuse guys use to get girls in the sack
pain felt when a dude is left unfinished
Man my blue balls just wont quit you
by dundlegrundleberrycherry February 25, 2003
An abstract object, most often encountered by randomly selecting them from urns.

Such urns typically also contain red balls, black balls, white balls, and yellow balls.

Used to hilarious effect in example problems written in probability textbooks, either by clever trolls or by well-meaning mathematicians who are hideously behind the times.
An urn contains 500 red, 1200 white, 300 yellow, and 600 blue balls. 430 balls are selected at random. What is the probability of selecting an even number of blue balls?

Ans: One, if you're at a LAN party or Star Trek convention.
by Trinadtsat Tomitsu December 31, 2012
When your girl gets you all worked up but doesnt fisish you off. Makes your balls hurt untill you make yourself (or pay a ho) cream.
Me and my girl were hard at it last night till that bitch blue balled me. But i needed a bicep workout anyway.
by Just another horny teenager March 11, 2009

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