A condition in males characterized by:

1) a bluish or purplish coloration of a guy's ballbag caused by the settling of blood in the veins in the scrotum, and...

2) sensitivity in the groin area that can range from very erotic to extreme pain.

Blue balls result from repeated stimulation of one's cock for a period of time without getting to orgasm / ejaculation.

Examples include repeatedly jerking off up to the point where one needs to cum; repeatedly receiving head or getting hand jobs from a partner but not cumming. Seriously kissing and fooling around with a (str8 or gay) partner over an extended period of time.
1) I stroked my dick for three hours while watching porn and got blue balls till I hurt so bad I just had to jack off.

2) After a couple hours of deep kissing, playing with her tits, her sucking my cock and me finger-fucking her ass, I had blue balls bad. She looked at me, chuckled and said, "Let me suck you off so you get some relief."
by Guy4u November 16, 2009
A condition in a guy when a he is turned on but can't get off.
Great now i'm gonna have blue balls for a week.
by Kitten494 October 12, 2008
A fictitious "medical condition" invented by men who think it is morally sound to trick young women into sucking them off. If you ever find yourself in a situation with a guy announcing that blue balls are "ridiculously painful and excruciating," feel free to give him a quick punch to the crotch so he can understand the reality of bruised balls. It is not your duty as a woman to bring every man who has ever been aroused because of you, to completion. A boner isn't a medical condition.
"Your just going to leave it like this?" -your typical sleaze ball pretending to have blue balls
"I'm sorry, were we in the middle of open heart surgery? I'm pretty sure you're fine. I'm not a doctor per se, but I'm fairly confident that blood will return to your system. Walk it off champ. I believe in you," - you (if perchance you do not want to bring every man you arouse to completion)
by elliotindigo September 15, 2014
Something a guy will tell a girl to get her to sleep with him. (She usually laughs and thinks it's funny. It works better than getting angry.)
guy1-"I have blue balls..." teenage girl2-"awwww.. pooor baby... why don't you drop your pants down and let me suck you off!"

girl2-"My ex-boyfriend used to have blue balls all the time..." current boyfriend- slaps his face... gets angry because he hasn't had any in a few weeks.

girl2-"what's wrong baby?"
by yogiepopo February 02, 2014
when you are partially through some type of sexual act and your girl cant finish the job. or if you just had a dry hump and u were able to hold in jizzing your pants.
i had the worst case of blue balls last night cause my girl was blowing me last , but got tired and couldn't finish the job.
by kingpin March 29, 2003
A feeling a man gets when he gets extremely turned on- yet does not do anything to solve the problem. So when the erection goes down- the balls start to swell and pain starts to occur. The pain has been compared to the "Being Sacked" sensation.. Or basically getting hit in the Family Jewels.

You just get a TON of soldiers ready for battle with no cammand to foward- you know?
After 8 hours of long interesting foreplay, my girlfriend had to leave. So with no sex, all i have now are 2 giant blue balls!
by KingMuffin July 07, 2009
when a guy gets very arroused by a female, but she decides not to let him inside. hes hard, but she dont want it.
girl: what i do is i make out with him, and he gets hella hard, then he says "babe lets have sex" but i say no.
girl2: oh shit, why would you give him blue balls girl?!
by mrszxbryant May 31, 2009

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