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Ladies, don't let a guy convince you to sleep with him if he has this "condition." Honestly, it doesn't hurt that bad, and he can always sneak into the bathroom to jack off later. Guys can be such pussies if it means getting laid.
Blue balls make me LOL.
by Cassy Muffin-Pants March 17, 2007
An excuse a man uses to get sex from his woman when she says she doesn't feel like banging him.
Man: I have a ragin hard-on baby.

Woman: Not tonight I'm tired.

Man: But if you don't give me sex, I'll get Blue balls, and my dick will fall off and then we can never make love again!

Woman: Oh no! Lets get to it then!
by Ran-ran October 20, 2009
what my girlfriend just gave me because she stopped suckin my dick
Kelly just was suckin my dick and stopped with gave me blue balls
by Daniel-son August 24, 2005
When the ball on ur sidekick '08' periodically bleeps blue indicating an unread message.
Person A: I just heard music Did ur phone just ring?

Person B: definetly I have blue balls
by stuckinthesticks February 17, 2009
A large level of disapointment; a miss
"So I heard Ryan was gonna be there tonight so i got all dressed up and then he wasn't there."
by Camp Cult March 01, 2009
a lame excuse guys use to get girls in the sack
pain felt when a dude is left unfinished
Man my blue balls just wont quit you
by dundlegrundleberrycherry February 25, 2003
When my boy friend ahs been cheating one me when has no clue i know. And i blow him so fuckin hard, then stop and say "Oh what the fuck ... whos name did you just say... you fuckin asshole !" Then after the fact he gets the worst pain he will ever fell in his entire life of living.
Damn it ... Fuck she knows!
by ChinyDink July 08, 2004