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A combination of the terms of endearment 'Blood' or 'Blud', and Brethren or the slang version 'Bredren' or 'Brehs' on UK projects/'hoods/ghettos/estates

"Me and my Bredrens come from Hackney."

"Yo Blud!"
"Yo Bludren!"

"Bludren, thats my weed, yo!"
by Ryan Farley 1 September 11, 2008
a stupid word wanna be gangsters use to look and sound cool.
it does not exist and does not have a meaning.
Htrem - hey look its a bludren.

Stooh - WOW thats crazy shit

Htrem - i going to go shoot some bitches now

Stooh - Yea Bludren
by mereneee November 04, 2007
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