The status assigned to a drinking establishment that possesses the characteristics of both a bar and a club, but is in-between both.
M: you want to go to the bar tonight?
R: nah
M: how about a club?
R: no i dont feel like clubbing, lets go to a blub
M: a what?
R: a blub = a bar+club
by Robin Wordsworth February 13, 2008
The equivilant of chub, or a small amount of fat.
Yeah that Kristy girl isn't that hot, she has too much blub.
by Ian Murph January 16, 2007
while you wave your had fingers must be shaking and the use of this word must be loud/boisterous
by wood May 26, 2003
Well Blub is word when you use in situations that are funny. It can also be used as an informal greeting among young people.
Eg.1. Oh my days that was just.. Blub.
Eg.2. Alright Blub,
Blub Blub
by Nikk'Starrrhhh February 17, 2009
A word used when no other word will do; sometimes used as an exclamation
1. Blub! The fire engine's red!
2. Blub...I dropped my pocket.
by Krazy K October 19, 2003
Means to cry obviously. Blub blub blub.
Are you gonna blub about it?
by Adam brandon August 02, 2004
A complete and utter nonce. A lump of useless boy-fat and pie, that just flops around wasting resources and generally acting like a fat rotund twat.
Blub is a twat
You're nearly as fat as blub
Blub = ghey
by RedFox April 05, 2004

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