Amalgamation of "blowhard" and "retard," most thoroughly personified by Governor Rick Perry of Texas.
Did you hear what that Texas Governor Rick Perry said about global warming being a hoax to line the pockets of scientists? If not you'll undoubtedly hear it again, that blowtard loves the sound of his own voice.
by tikk August 19, 2011
Top Definition
n. A person who is less intelligent than the average retard, but is smarter than the average fucktard.
Intelligent People > Average People > Retards > Blowtards > Fucktards.
by anarkism April 10, 2010
1:A cokehead of usually the younger female, although can be male, persuasion who is convinced and will attempt to convince others that they are addicted to cocaine when they only do it rarely or at large parties.

2: A generally annoying younger cokehead
God, Amy is such a blowtard, she hardly ever did cocaine and now shes in rehab.
by Cptncoleian November 09, 2005
TeeVee commentator reliant on the force of his voice rather than the strength of his thoughts.
Sean Hannity, Chris Mathew, Rush Limbaugh and Lou Dobbs are all blowtards.
by worow December 07, 2008
Bloviating Retard
Keith Olbermann is a Blowtard, see:

by Bobby Mc August 17, 2008
Anyone who is so retarded they will suck anyone's dick who ask them.
He's such a blow tard.
by Judge dredd7 July 21, 2011
A Guy that or girl Sniffs Cocaine and acts retarded ,Or a Gay guy Or girl that is addicted to giving Blow jobs.
Chris Cocker sure is a hot Blowtard! Or that Blowtard sniffed up all our Cocaine .
by February 11, 2008
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