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The way an english man says Blow Job.
Omar:Hey Poll(Paul), I'm going to get a Blow Drop from Jackie and have a tea party on her nipples!
by Mr.Willard October 18, 2006
(n.) - the act of a man receiving oral sex from a woman in which the female counterpart of the equation places cough drops in her mouth before proceeding with the blowjob. (for best results, do not attempt at all... ever; for second best results, use mild mentho-lyptus cough drops).
"Shit nigga! you know my cousin Ray-Ray was talkin bout dat Shannoniqua bitch? Well dat hoe said she wanna give me a blowdrop or some shit right."

"So whutchu do nigga?"

"I's like yea bitch gimme watcha got! And nigga I suppose dat included third degree menthol burns on my sea-salt shootah and shit! Nah mean?"

"Dat aint all you got you jive ass turkey. Word on da street is dat bitch got more clap than a auditorium!"
by Kyle R. Montgomery January 11, 2009