A location that is ideal for giving a blow job.
"Think we just stumbled upon a new blowcation in this gloriously, dark in this parking lot, sweetie. Take off your pants!"
by ladysmut August 22, 2009
Top Definition
A blow job that you WANT to give, thus rendering it not a job, but a kind of vacation.
We finally hooked up--and let me tell you, that was no blow job, that was a blowcation!
by KnotGirl August 20, 2009
1. A euphemism for blowjob, but for those who enjoy the act, and therefore do not view it as a "job."
2. A way for men to enhance the marketability of the act that is unsavory to some women.
"Rough day at the office? Honey, you look like you could use a blowcation."
by gruntumolani November 01, 2011
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