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The act of sucking a dick by a dude. Can also be used in the following ways; blowing horn, blew some horn, horn blower, blows horn, etc.
Bill : Hey Phong.
Phong : What do you want.
Bill : Did you know Parker likes to blow horn ?

Parker is a horn blower.

Parker was trolling for some horn to blow.
by hawke4me April 07, 2015
While a women is giving you a blow job she grabs your balls and pulls hard down on them making you scream like a blow horn.
I went out with my girl last night and when we got home she instantly gave me a blow job. But then she grabbed my balls and pulled on them so hard that i screamed like a blow horn.
by lions20 June 25, 2010
a person who boasts; braggart. From blow one's own horn (to boast).
She is a blowhorn. She always splashes money to show that she is rich.
by uttam maharjan April 01, 2012
gay sex act started in california ( now in mid west )
on gay pride day everyone is San Fransisco takes turn on blow horn! One walks bent over, other smiles like a jackass eating shit. After 10 min they swap. Sad part they teaching mexicans cholo nasty tricks. In LA chicanos can be seen walking bent over.
by itichie_nocanpo June 24, 2006
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