Slang (guyana)

to Cheat on significant other with one or may partners.
Also imply that, when your partner is cheating on you everyones knows but you.
"You see that baanna (man) there ,he girl is give he BLOW all over town'
by rich123 February 14, 2008
1. adj. the act of being boring, unpleasing, or just down right dumb.
2. adj. (blow nuts, to) a stronger term used only by elite players of the Warlord CCG.
1. Monday blows, man.
2. This card blows nuts, this blows nuts, this blows nuts....your whole collection blows nuts.
by Narcos September 15, 2003
a word that is worse than suck
this definition blows total cock
by wakalakalover45 April 09, 2005
To ruin or accidentally give up; refers to an opportunity, not a material object.
I blew my chance to score any social points when I showed up at the party wearing plaid socks.
by Diggity Monkeez February 10, 2005
Heroin not cocaine like most think

In the movie blow they are reffering to heroin not cocaine....all you people need to pay attention, heroin is snorted too.
Lets cop some blow my nigga!
by Bret123 April 22, 2008 exhaile air out of ur mouth or nose with a force.
2.a breeze
that movie blowed.. bad.. made me sleep.
by bleuberryz January 17, 2006
1. An alternative to a curse word, appropriate for bad situations

2. An expression of appreciation or approval.

Blow is used differently depending on the context.
1. "BLOW! I left my purse in the car!"

2. "Blow, he's sexy,"
by J. Walt February 14, 2007

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