Meaning to leave, roll out, be out, ghost, dip, get out
I'm feeling to blow dunny
by DONAL JACKSON May 03, 2008
slang term for cocaine, espicially for snorting cocaine.
My I gotta get some blow!
by nohbdyshero March 11, 2005
to blow - (v)- the act of snorting a drug, be it blow (cocaine), blows (heroin), or any other powdered drug that can be taken through the nose.
I blow 3 fat ass rails of that shit man... per day!
by gardenofsound September 26, 2004
adj. To be less than amusing or boring.
This movie blows, lets get the hell out of here.
by 40oz April 04, 2003
To propel air from one's mouth.
by bill December 15, 2002
Slang (guyana)

to Cheat on significant other with one or may partners.
Also imply that, when your partner is cheating on you everyones knows but you.
"You see that baanna (man) there ,he girl is give he BLOW all over town'
by rich123 February 14, 2008
1. adj. the act of being boring, unpleasing, or just down right dumb.
2. adj. (blow nuts, to) a stronger term used only by elite players of the Warlord CCG.
1. Monday blows, man.
2. This card blows nuts, this blows nuts, this blows nuts....your whole collection blows nuts.
by Narcos September 15, 2003

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