(verb) to cause to explode, to blow up.
"Blow the bridge, and they won't be able to follow us," said the ringleader.
by anarcissie April 22, 2008
cocaine in its powdered form
"You got blow?I'll suck yo dick."
by Crook March 05, 2005
A $10 pack of heroin. To inject or snort a $10 pack of heroin. Usually used in poor inner city areas where there is no market for powdered cocaine.
I'd like 3 blows and a 20 of hard, please.
by bigjimi April 05, 2014
(verb) the ability to strongly project one's voice (to "belt") while singing.

popularized by American Idol judge Randy Jackson
Randy Jackson: "Wow, dude...you can definitely blow but I don't know if this competition is right for you..."
by NUMBER4940s July 09, 2009
1) Beyond sucking. A situation that is totally hopeless and just....Blows.
2) A step above suck on the "bad things" scale.
Guy: I have prostate cancer!
Guy #2: Dude that blows hard.
Guy: I wish it could just suck...
by Cheeto July 27, 2003
To inhale or snort a drug.
Grab some swishers, we wanna blow an L.
Do you wanna blow a line?
This rave sucks, lets get out of here after we blow these balloons.
by bigjimi April 05, 2014
to smoke weed
ay wats good tho, you tryna blow?
by urB0SS June 27, 2009

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