1. Slang for Cocaine
2. The act of insuffalating (breating in through nose)drugs.
3. Blow - to exert air from one's mouth

1: "Do you have any blow?"
2: "are you gonna blow that, or am I going to do it for you?"
3: -"Make the fire bigger
-**blows onto the flames**
by Damien Hyatt July 06, 2006
To exit the premises.
Let's blow this joint
by B. S. Pyle January 17, 2004

Grew up in the ghetto of Northport, living on the streets.

He is a true "gangster".

He does what he wants, When he wants to.

He will touch ya' tittie.

He knows how to walk the walk, and talk the talk.

He is normally found at KFC.

Tom: Would you like to hang out with me today?

Joe: No, i can not, i have homework to do.

Tom: Weow, B-low.
by w1ntersw0lves December 02, 2007
Verb. (Australian country colloquialism) To pause or rest; take a break from an arduous or mundane task.
Hey Al, you've been drying those dishes for a while now. You wanna blow?
by doc brown September 01, 2007
Someone that sucks or is just plain stupid...or doesn't know how to do anything...
"ahhh man...you blow!"
by Majdely March 11, 2005
a dissapointing situation
something not cool
wow man that is a blow
by Evan H April 24, 2008
a word meaning something/someone genuinally bites the big one.
wow, britney spears really blows
by Bosstone July 14, 2004
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