1. blow- to suck dick
2. blow -cocaine in it's powdered state
3. blow. to smoke weed
4. blow- to leave
1. Hey girl, quit playin and blow me down.
2.hey dopeman, you got some blow for sale?
3. I can't wait to blow that big ass blunt.
4. Alright, i'm bout to blow.
by Slangasauras December 09, 2004
Term used for heroing (blow is cocaine... blows are heroin) in powder form that is insufflated.
"Dude, we went up to the tip and got some blows."
by gardenofsound September 26, 2004
1. Noun- an amount of cocaine or powdered heroin that, when snorted, the desired effect is obtained.
2. Noun- Another term for cocaine(coke) in its powdered, non-freebase form.(usually coke means this, but in some areas, coke can mean crack)
3. Noun- Another term for powdered heroin, usually used in less drug-savy areas or in deep, under-educated urban areas.
4. Verb- to blow- To forsibly push air out of ones mouth.
5. Verb- to blow- another, usually more severe term meaning to be bad or to suck.
6. Verb- a sexual inuendo used in order to express disdain for another.
7. verb- A form of oral sex where a blowing effect is used.
1. "Twenty bucks a blow."
2. "I picked up a bag of blow."
3. "This smack is the best in town. You'll find no other blow this good here."
4. I will blow on the back of your ear, in order to get you horny.
5. "THIS BlOWS!"
6. "BLOW ME!"
7. HE blew me on the dirty matress in the dark basement.
by Maxwell I Am January 23, 2007
a street slang term for pre-packaged usually synthetic heroin sold in ten-dollar denominations.
"blows! blows! park"
by sinicalypse May 04, 2003
meaning that you dont like something and it everyone is unhappy with it. the world would be a better place without it...

also meaning blow-jobs, or to suck on a males lower middle extremity

these two definitions may be used together to describe the utter lack of use for something
basketball blows monkey balls....
by me April 18, 2005
Something that completely sux and is not fun at all.
Liz-This fuckin blows im outta here.
by Amandaizzy October 04, 2004
1. Cocaine
2. A Movie about cocaine
3. Suckin dick
1. I'm really fienen for some blow
2. Have you seen BLOW yet? Johnny Depp is soo fine!
4. F: Hey La?
La (ME): Sup?
F: Could ya do me a favor ma?
La: Whats dat boo?
F: Could ya blow on this dick lil mama?
by LaLa January 05, 2004

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