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a girl with nice lips not too big not too small, just enough to stop your cock being scratched by teath and not too big too ruin it
guy 1: dude, that girl gives great blow jobs
guy 2: its cuz she has blow job lips
by LissyLooLar November 18, 2009
65 28
a girl (sometimes a guy) who has voluptuous lips that easily could be imagined around the stem of your penis
gav- holy crap dave, look at that lass' blowjob lips!
by gav cook April 14, 2006
384 78
A girl's lips during and after a blowjob - usually wet, salty and a bit sticky due to the mix of cum and saliva.
I kissed her on the lips after she gave me a blowjob...her blowjob lips tasted nasty!
by mannie101 August 06, 2008
61 189