To feel bloopy ;

1. Feeling empty, or useless at times.
2. To feel sad for no apparent reason.
3. Not feeling at all, like yourself.
1. Mom, stfu. I feel bloopy, leave me alone.
2. No, dude, cereal. I feel bloopy. We'll catch up later?
by avrilrox123a November 03, 2011
Top Definition
farts in the bathtub!!!1!
"Dude, i just took the best bath, so many bubbles from all the bloopies!"
by Poopboobs69 July 07, 2009
weed and tobacco packed together into a bowl for smoking purposes. commonly known as a molar.
im baked...fuckin bloopys.
by killa in muhgilla December 08, 2009
1. The main character from the New York TV show "Bloopy's Buddies", which promotes children to do exercise with songs that would make Barney the dinosaur puke.

2. A name which anybody could come up with since it just involves adding a 'B' to the word 'loopy'.

3. A kind of abbreviation for 'blooper'.
A long time ago I drew a crappy cartoon character and named it Bloopy, and it's been the nickname I usually use on the Internet ever since.

Hahahahaa Bob Saget just made a big bloopy on TV!
by Bloopy April 13, 2005
1. adj. overwhelmed with the urge to want to perform oral sex on someone so enthusiastically as to include their butt-hole

(ie. I am bloopy)

2. v. showing or expressing an uncontrollable need to orally please someone's anus based upon their looks, actions, or speech.
(ie. to bloop or bloop AT at someone)

3. n. the crippling emotion person A gets when they want to toss person B's salad; usually so bad, person A can't think straight around person B
(ie. bloopiness)
Example A: He tried not bloop in front of her, but she could tell all he wanted to do was to bend her over and toss her salad.
Example B: Her smile makes me so bloopy when she's around, all I think about is what eating out her ass would be like.
by Kate Gleazy March 29, 2015
when a guy gets a blowjob while on taking a poop. The term is derived from poopy blowjob.
I was having a terrible time in the bathroom, until the bloopy had commenced.
by fattymcfatso April 06, 2006
big and mushy, as in baby cheeks.
"Wow. The only thing more adorable than that baby's eyes are his bloopy cheeks!"
by BrownsvilleGirl March 01, 2005
when youre feeling crazy insane loopy and bizarre. all at the same time. especially occurs after sleep deprivation in a total of 24 hours or more. (:
Sarah felt bloopy after the sleepover
by lilly.kayla.mandy December 05, 2009
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