This is the place where the meatheads and the abrasive girls from your highschool decide to further their education. It is Located in Central Pa, however is littered with kids from Jersey and Philadelphia. Other then the demographic of desperately eager to party young adults, the campus is beautiful as well as the town and surrounding areas. It highly recomended for guys who enjoy beer such as Keystone Light, and girls who enjoy a good black out and a questionable rash.
Father: Son, What are your plans after highschool?

Son: I'm leaning towards not being able to handle alcohol and sleeping with girls from Jersey at Bloomsburg University.
by fatskank April 18, 2009
Top Definition
A drinking Town with a College Problem. A party school. A place where the beer flows like wine, and frat boys instinctively flock to the bars and to Sal's for pizza.
"I chose Bloomsburg University because i heard it was a good party school."
by Melanie January 25, 2005
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