A bloody Russian is when your girlfriend / wife gets sick of your drunk ass & decides to piss in your vodka, adding a touch of period blood. Blame it on the Grenadine & cherries & make him a nice drink.
wife "Hi honey, had a hard day? Let me make you a nice cocktail."

husband "Yeah bitch, make yourself useful and make me a few."

wife "Sure thing sweety. Extra cherries? I call it a bloody Russian"
by taylor TWIGG January 26, 2009
Top Definition
A mixture of Coke, cranberry juice and vodka mixed to take the appearance of blood.
Jim sat down at the bar and ordered a Bloody Russian.
by holidayhawk April 23, 2011
1. Smirnoff Ice topped off with a shot of Chamborg.

2. Tasty mix invented by the Bellinator
Jesus Christ man, 8.50 for a Bloody Russian. You guys SUCK!!!
by ultralord June 07, 2003
When a woman gets around to her time of the month, she keeps her menstrual spillage in a pitcher and puts it in the fridge. The next time she has sexual intercourse, she shares it with her partner as a tasty treat.
Dude, Veronica totally hosted a bloody russian last night, it was fucking disgusting.
by mike hunt is warm November 18, 2006
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