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When a guy eats a girl out while she is positioned over his face and is on her period, and she leaves a trace of blood on his upper lip, below his nose.
I was eating this girl out and she gave me a bloody nose.
by Stephane S. February 28, 2009
(n.) A taste of blood to annoy the enemy.
We bombed thier camp. Now that they've got a bloody nose they'll regroup and come for us.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 09, 2004
While recieving a deep throat blowjob, if you cum in the back of the giver's mouth, the cum will exit from the nose. Resulting in what looks like a bloody nose. (if blood was white)
She was deep throating me, and I gave her a bloody nose.
by Forlorner October 17, 2006
when you have ur period, discharg=snot, blood=blood, tishu=pad, lol
i didnt get my bloody nose yet, but i didnt do "it"
by liz margera October 01, 2003
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