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A twist on the poplar Bloody Mary, but with double the alcohol.
Two Bloody Gary's please - I am hung over and need a jumpstart!
by B. Hanback December 03, 2008
A cocktail similar to a Bloody Mary, but instead of mixing vodka with tomato juice, a standard American commercial beer is used, preferably pored from a can. Bud Light, Coors, or Miller Genuine Draft are the preferable brands to use in a Bloody Gary. Dudes named Gary don't drink Heineken.
"I'm so hungover from last night. I think I'll have a Bloody Gary at brunch."
by ScotterB September 15, 2013
The same as a Bloody Mary, but the waiter tea bags the drink before serving.
Waiter: How may I help you today?

Douche: I will have a Bloody Mary, and make it extra strong.

Waiter prior to serving Bloody Gary: This should do. (Tea Bags Douches drink).
by Rimmy John December 21, 2012