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A band started by the one and only Dahvie Vanity to spread the message of love. The rest of the band consist of Jayy von Monroe also on volcals. Jayy von Monroe is gay but that dosent make him different. Some of there songs include: right to love- a song about love it dosent matter if your gay, bisexual, lesbian or straight you should still be able to be with the person you love. Also the song: rise and shine- a song about bullying. So to sum it up blood on the dance floor is a band that helps kids and adults with problems so all you haters don't really understand unless you are truly a member of the SGTC.
SGTC member 1: I'm so depressed I'm being bullied

SGTC member 2: listen to blood on the dance floor they helped me they can help you to
by I_love_Dahvie_vanity March 17, 2013
Blood On The Dance Floor or BOTDF is a kick ass electronica/crunkcore band. Originally consisted of Dahvie Vanity and Chris, then Chris quit and Garrett Esctacy joined. Then after he quit, Jayy Von Monroe joined...and the group has been the better for it ever since. Dahvie is straight and Jayy is Bi-sexual. Their genre of music is relatively unique to itself. Most all of their music is obsene but fun, has to do with sex, or is sex related. Not the music your mom would appreciate. They've recently made their own label, CANDYLAND INDUSTRIES. They're becoming ever more popular and their apparel is starting to be sold at hot topic. Definately a band to check out if you're into scene. You can also buy their apparel at botdf.bigcartel.com/products
Girl 1: Hey, ever heard of BOTDF?

Girl 2: Sha! I'm a member of the Slash Gash Terror Crue!

Girl 3: Yeah, Blood On The Dance Floor is awesome!
by LexieMo92 February 20, 2011
An amazing band that is like sex for your ears started by Dahive Vanity. Currently, the band is Dahvie and Jayy Von Monroe.
Bob: Hey Dan did you hear It's Happening! by Blood On The Dance Floor

Dan: FUCK YEAH!!! That song is like sex for my ears.
by YourMom26451515341564546 January 11, 2011
The Best Band Ever.Has two sexy singers/Screams.Best Songs Ever.Everyone should love them.Who ever doesn't needs to be pushed down a hill.BOTDF Is The Best
Jessica: Hey Have You Heard Blood On The Dance Floor 's New Song ''BeWitched''

Carly: Yeah!They are the best band ever!
by !Blood*On*The*Dance*Floor*Rox! August 03, 2011
Two guys looking hot, dangerous with MAD RAD HAIR, Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe, making siq music and starting riots,, most of their songs are about sex and violence but they are still absolutely fucking amazing they're so fresh they have the keys to the bakery! The main singer in the band, Dahvie Vanity, is also a hair stylist and him and Jayy live in Florida which is where Dahvie gives people Mad Rad Hair!!!!!!!!!
BOTDF Fan: Omg!!!! Blood On The Dance Floor is FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BOTDF Hater: Grrrrrr I hate them so much it's like I...hate them.

BOTDF Fan: They hate your face
by kenzie kerr June 12, 2011
A really kewl techno band that makez u wana rape hello kitty.... Their myspace http://www.myspace.com/botdfmusic
Omfg! ! Did u hear i <3 hello kitty from blood on the dance floor! ? Dis shit iz crunk
by Tony toxic September 02, 2008
A fabulous, amazing band of the electropop genre. It is popular with scene people, and anyone who says BOTDF is not scene is an idiot. Because Dahvie Vanity looks just like all the scene kids.

Most of BOTDF's songs are about sex, and some of them are actually kind of offensive to women. But even as a feminist, I can't take them seriously, plus they're just so fun to dance to.

Dahvie Vanity is the lead vocalist, and has actually been arrested for statutory rape. He is not gay. Listen to his freakin' songs. Gays don't sing about boobs. he's not a transvestite either-just femmy. (Dahvie may be bisexual. we will never know. ) He has mad rad hair.
Garrett Exstacy is the former screamer. He's gay and hot.
Jayy Von Monroe is a singer. He is also gay, sings in a sassy gay voice that I personally enjoy listening to, and is a kickass belly dancer.

Blood on the Dance Floor is amazing.
Scene Girl- Hay, did you hear I <3 Hello Kitty?
Scene Boy- Hell yeah! And Dahvie Vanity is sexylicious.

Christian Fanatic- Blood on the Dance Floor makes your PENIS FALL OFF! AND YOU'LL GO TO HELL!
Everyone else- XD
by hai_bai October 23, 2010
this group consists of the cutest tellytubbie in the world dahvie who is gay!!! not straight! get it right.
scene girl1: that concert was amazing
scene girl2: i know blood on the dance floor wow dahvie is like a tellytubbie
gay guy: i know dont you just want to squeeze him?
by SaychelleSeduction October 24, 2009