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The ties that bind are stronger when it comes to family than people outside the family (e.g., friends, colleagues, strangers, etc.).
Blood = family (though not necessarily related by blood, such as husband and wife)
Water = non-family
1) "Don't trust anyone outside the family. Blood is thicker than water. Never forget that."

2) A man wakes up from a coma to find all of his family around him. Man: "Where are all my friends? They said they would be there for me no matter what!"
Nurse: "I suppose it's true what they say: blood is thicker than water."

3) "Why did this man's friends show up to his funeral, yet none of his family did?"
"Well... I guess water is thicker than blood!" (the opposite can also be used for dramatic effect)
by Skeptikai March 23, 2013
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Original quote: "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb"
Original meaning: Today it means basically ,"family over everything and everyone". Originally it meant the opposite "the bond you have with true friends is stronger than any family relation.
Original: I will have a stronger bond with the men and women I served with at war than I could have with any family member . The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.

Today: blah blah family is all we have. Ya know blood is thicker than water.
by #and August 05, 2016
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it's suppose to mean family before anything else; however many people say the phrase and don't really mean it since they would pick their friends over their sister/brother or cousins.
person 1: hey cuz wanna go to the movies?

person 2: um........ u gon on without me i wanna chill with my friends

second example

person 1: hey cuz i really don't like one of your freinds, she was being a bitch

person 2: omg how could u say that about my friend, she is such a goood person, u probaly pissed her off or something.
by ********************* April 01, 2005
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