n. a state in which an individual becomes intoxicated with rage, rendering his enemy fucked up beyond all recognition.
"Christ on a cracker! Steve just shanked Pete seventeen times in the face!"

"Dude, back the fuck away- Steve is blood drunk"
by Cory Brandon October 16, 2007
A new album released by Children Of Bodom in 2008. If you're a fan of these guys do yourself a goddamn favor and BUY THIS FUCKING ALBUM RIGHT AFTER YOU READ THIS.
"I went to Gigantour in New York April 22nd, 2008. Children Of Bodom played some of they're new shit from Blooddrunk. I immediatly bought a Blooddrunk sweatshirt afterwords dispite how increasingly hot it was in the pits...

Oh, and they should have PLAYED LONGER GOD DAMNIT."
by Nick Borrelli May 01, 2008
(v) the act of getting ridiculously drunk after giving blood.
I donated blood today, and only had a few beers, but I am so blood drunk!
by BloodDrunk4Life May 11, 2012

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