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A very red looking vagina. The "Blood Sausage" has many different lips and is most terribly unattractive.
Guy #1 - Eww, dude look at what this girl sent me!

Guy #2 - That is absolutely disgusting! It looks like a "Blood Sausage".
by NativeProd September 11, 2011
When a person sinches a knot very tightly around the base of his/her erect penis just before ejactulation. This causes the blood in the penis to stay in the penis. The man or womans penis only becomes a blood sausage once their bigjuicyboner subsides. Since the lameduck (unerect penis) is much shorter than the bigjuicyboner and still has all of the blood from the bigjuicyboner, it looks like a plump blood sausage

Note: This does not work for niggers because of their burnt skin.
Hey ya'll! My new nigger can't get a blood sausage!
by nigkilla May 30, 2011
1. Kiszka, a Polish sausage made with blood.
Stashu liked to eat his kiszka with eggs and ketchup.
by Niemand of Chaos March 29, 2005