An especially turgid penis with throbbing veins, and the effect is even more pronounced for most men while wearing a cock ring.
Marielle especially liked Bob's blood sausage, because it felt naturally ribbed for her pleasure, and the 'old in and out' provided her with much more sensory pleasure than Steve's 'little trooper'.
by Niemand of Chaos March 29, 2005
When a person sinches a knot very tightly around the base of his/her erect penis just before ejactulation. This causes the blood in the penis to stay in the penis. The man or womans penis only becomes a blood sausage once their bigjuicyboner subsides. Since the lameduck (unerect penis) is much shorter than the bigjuicyboner and still has all of the blood from the bigjuicyboner, it looks like a plump blood sausage

Note: This does not work for niggers because of their burnt skin.
Hey ya'll! My new nigger can't get a blood sausage!
by nigkilla May 30, 2011
1. Kiszka, a Polish sausage made with blood.
Stashu liked to eat his kiszka with eggs and ketchup.
by Niemand of Chaos March 29, 2005
Your dick. After period sex, enough said
As soon as I pulled out I knew I had blood sausage
by Anerdwhogetslaid September 09, 2016
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