usually preformed in the vampire world and in vampire media, a bloodjob involves a mortal girl or guy biting into a vampire through the skin, usually the arm or neck, and sucking the resulting gusher, resulting in heightened arousal of both parties. seen frequently in the HBO series True Blood.
Sookie gives a great bloodjob.

My girl wouldn't give me a bloodjob, so I drained her instead.
#blood #blowjob #true blood #bloodjob #head
by BillCrompton July 01, 2010
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Top Definition
a term used to describe a situation in which any person involved in a blow job (or blowjob) gets a bloody nose. This term could also be applied to any situation in which blood is involved in any way with the blow job.
"This dude over here just got a blood job. Check out all of that blood on him. Let us laugh heartily together now."
#blow job #blowjob #bj #blood #bloody
by Backseat Lover March 03, 2009
It is where you pop a girls cherry then she gives you a blowjob right afterwards
Bob: Bro i popped ashleys cherry then she gave me a bloodjob
Timmy: Bro your messed up thats nasty
#blood #blowjob #sex #nasty #wtf
by AmazinglyGayGirCake October 26, 2011
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