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Clunky, cumbersome, or awkward. Something that's larger than it needs to be is blonky, as is anything that should be smaller and more trim, or that has square edges that should be rounded.
Compared with transistor radios, boom boxes are very blonky.
by The Odessa Kid July 07, 2011
A word sandwich of one part black and one part honky. Refers to a black person who has white interests.
"That blonky is standing in line for the Lorde concert instead of the Rihanna concert."

"Malcolm is so blonky he eats Golden Oreos."

"The only blacks who shop at Whole Foods are blonkies.
by Illuminatas February 15, 2014
A black person who wishes to be white. A black honky. Antonym of Wigger.
JC Watts is a blonky.
by Roget October 07, 2003
A person of African decent whose mannerisms, vernacular, and or attire resemble the mannerisms of a middle class white person.
Jamal, you should be president of the blonky club with that polo and kakhi combination.

Tyrone, is you turnin blonky on me brotha!? You be talkin like youz be white!!
by ColdRedRain April 02, 2004
This word is the term that is defined as an African-American person that has the mannerisms of a Caucasian person. This is the opposite of the widely used term "wigger." A Wigger is a Caucasian that acts African-American.
A former San Diego Padres hall of fame Great named Tony G, former secretary of state Colin P, and American Idol Judge Randy J. are prime examples of this term.

Ex. Bill Cosby officially went blonky with his vote for George Bush.
by Camdogg666 March 02, 2008
blak person who acts like and wants to fit into the world of a white person.
my co worker shops at Bananna Republic, he's a blonky.
by untouchable equipment clerk October 07, 2003
An African-American with blonde hair who aspires to be a honky. Origin: BLonde hONKY.
La'Ryssa died her hair yellow... she is such a blonky!
by Aaron September 28, 2003
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