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The type of female that minority men(Especially Black men) want to date and marry.

Looked at as easy and ditzy, or stuck up and bitchy.
Black Man: Damn I want to tap that blonde trick. *Leaves his black girlfriend for the white blonde*
by Manny Fre$h316 September 18, 2010
A gurl that is funny and crazy as well from all the people that make fun of them.
Hey I'm a blonde to!!! But it's really fun to be one. Hehehe
by Amanda March 22, 2003
someone with light colored hair and sexy features. :)
I am a sexy blonde with big boobs. :)
by Stacy April 04, 2004
A Stupid female whose only use is to have sex with
A job interview
Boss: we dont allow blondes here
by Immortal King February 04, 2011
a person that seems to be stupid or dumb or there just trying to be stupid to get atition, acting dizty just to get boys to like them
samantha:Jordyn your such a blonde!
Jordyn:Just because i'm blonde dosen't mean i'm stupid and just because i'm stupid dosnt mean i'm blonde!
by x_punkxloser_x May 21, 2005
A hair color usually associated with stupid people and great sex.
She may be a blonde... but she gives good head.
by WaCha McWang December 06, 2003
a girl- ditzy, stupid, forgetful, annoying, thinks shes better than everyone
by kelby March 05, 2003