A person who acts really stupid even if they aren't necessarily. Also associated with forgetfulness, ditzy, and bouncy. Can laugh excessively
Jen, you're being such a blonde today!

Jen: hehe, I know! heheheheh!
by megan February 15, 2004
A gurl that is funny and crazy as well from all the people that make fun of them.
Hey I'm a blonde to!!! But it's really fun to be one. Hehehe
by Amanda March 22, 2003
girls that act stupid even if they dont have blonde hair have no common sense...has nothing to do with grade point average or how well they do in school
a girl taht trips and falls quite often and doesnt stay with or understand any words bigger than pronunciation
by Paul March 05, 2003
a person that seems to be stupid or dumb or there just trying to be stupid to get atition, acting dizty just to get boys to like them
samantha:Jordyn your such a blonde!
Jordyn:Just because i'm blonde dosen't mean i'm stupid and just because i'm stupid dosnt mean i'm blonde!
by x_punkxloser_x May 21, 2005
A hair color usually associated with stupid people and great sex.
She may be a blonde... but she gives good head.
by WaCha McWang December 06, 2003
we blondes have a lot more fun! brunettes are mostly jealous of us!that is why almost every brunette has BLONDE highlights!!!! we are beautiful,hot,pretty,amazing,ravishing,sexy,have fun,and can be tigers or little devils in bed!!!!
guy 1. last night i went on a date with a brunette it was terrible.
guy 2. i went out with a blonde it was terrific!!
guy 1. she was so boring.
guy 2. my BLONDE was so amazingly fun!!
guy 1. this time i am going with a blonde!!
guy 2. now you make sense!!!!
by tiger 121 June 21, 2009
Being blonde can be characterised as being very very stupid. This is funny to see, and to laugh at. Steph is the very definition of blonde, but we love her still
she gets things very very blonde
by Library3 February 11, 2009
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