A person with the hair color blonde. Some definitions say a female, but they lack the brain to realize that men too can have blonde hair. Female blondes are usually classified as stupid sluts. Some are and some arent just like brunettes, red heads, and black heads. There is an ongoing battle between blondes and brunettes as to which one is better. Some individuals try to figure out whether men like blondes or brunettes better. A stupid woman of any hair color or take the answers by men to heart. But a smart woman would realize that men who only like women based on hair color aren't worth their time.
Brunette #1: Brunettes do it so much better.
Brunette #2: I know. Who do those blondes think they are.
Fire Crotch: What about red heads?
Blonde: Shut up. We dont sit around talking about brunettes.

by jennxiiifer November 09, 2007
Someone we can all make fun of, even blondes.
That blonde is making fun of herself because she just read the urban dictionary definition.
by Dee April 16, 2004
1) a person born with a certain shade of lighter hair; no correlation to high or low intelligence.

2) a person born with dark hair but who for some reason decided to dye it blonde; very strong correlation to low intelligence.
Notice that the dumb blonde myth is dictinctly American.

Needless to say it fails to hold water somewhere like Scandinavia, the people of which are noted for their brooding, introspective nature. Somehow, the majority-blonde population there have built some of the most progressive and successful nations in the modern world.
by Glumdalclitch April 26, 2006
A word that the English language borrowed from French to describe a hair color that is traditionally described as "fair" or "flaxen" in English.

Blonde is a light hair color, ranging from light brown/dark blond to the tow headed platinum blonde.

"Blond" is used in French to refer to a fair-haired man and "blonde" is used for a fair-haired woman.

Blondes are stereotyped (often unfairly) as being sexually promiscuous and/or unintelligent. Since fair hair first appeared, many darker-haired peoples have imitated it... thus leading to fair and red hair being associated with prostitutes in some cases. The origins of the "dumb blonde" stereotype are not very clear, but it could be that the hair of many blondes turns darker as they grow and mature, and thus fair hair is associated with youth and childhood, and thus with innocence and naïveté.
Contrary to the stereotype, only a small minority of the blonde community is dumb. Marilyn Monroe, Judy Holliday, and Betty Hutton (contrary to their ditzy images) were quite intelligent women who wanted to be taken seriously.

The only dumb blondes that I know of are Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, and Ann Coulter.

Lindsay Lohan (foolishly) dyed blonde her beautiful scarlet tresses.

If blondes are so dumb, explain the intellect of Golden Retrievers and the alleged stupidity of the red-haired Irish Setter. For once, a someone with a darker hair color is the "dumb" one.
by Lorelili March 31, 2006
A femine figure who, though equally as intellegent as others, is dubbed as dumb. While they are often ridiculed and constantly being used in jokes in reality hair colour isn't something to judge.
positive: Blondes are equally as wise as brunettes!
negative: Blonde moment!
by em< 3 March 10, 2006
People who are very underrated.Blondes are no dumber than any other hair color.
Yes I am a blonde.Gotta a problem with that?
by Allison August 30, 2004
beautiful people...just like brunettes, redheads, and whatever color hair. Its a way to express your personality.
If your not a natural oh well you can be just as beautiful. stupid or intellegent. everyone is beautiful in thier own way. come people have some self confidence, resepect learn to take a joke and have fun!!!! it is a part of life!!!
by I dont care how they do it February 26, 2005
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