blondes are fun and crazy and hyper
wow your so blonde but we love you!!!
by blondie May 06, 2005
People with a pale cream/yellow colour, occasionly natural brunette parts, most are very dim, and will strut around like they own the place, hen in fact, they are more hated than Jewish people, african-americans, redheads. Men don't want blonde girls, because they associate them with thickness. I've never met a londe, who is nice, smart, or kind in any way. Most are spoilt, wear all pink, and will moan to their "daddies" about the nail varnish/diamond cut/top/dress/shoes etc they really wanted.
Blonde1: *Talking on cellphone* Daaaadddddyyyy! You said you'd get me the ferrari! I don't want a lambug-whatever its called!
Father: You'll have to settles for it.
Blonde1:*Hangs up and whines* Its not faiiiiirrrr!
Blonde2: I just got some new nail varnish!
Blonde1: OhMyGosh!! That is so CUTE!

*Chat for about 30 minutes about nail varnish.*
*God kills the blondes*
#blonde #supid #unkind #nasty #spoilt #bitch #cow #slut #slag #whore #thick #dim #retarded #stupid
by BlondesRBimobs. January 03, 2010
Women who are weak for rap music, french Jazz musicians and spoken word artists.
Those blondes in Dallas just won't quit trying.
by major_delmac February 28, 2005
Whoever says Blondes are dumb are fuckwits. im blonde and ive already made 5 major movies, made 6 grand and have my own business. Im still in school and all. Go figure.
Blondes are da best-rest are jealous.
by Biafra J July 26, 2004
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