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people with blonde hair
girls that have blonde hair are usally described as stupid and sluts.
there's a brunette in my class,i swear to god if she was blonde she'd be the living stereotype of a blonde
by mr.fuckoff December 17, 2007
8 19
An over-rated hair color or person with such a hair color. Many girls think it makes them hot when in fact it doesn't. It just makes them clones who, in about a month, with have dark greasy roots growing out of their scalps. Gross.
Cara, Sadie, and Maurissa are girls who think they are hot because they bleach their hair blonde.
by erin_mavourneen June 26, 2006
34 46
thought to be stupid by society. In reality, the only blondes I know and have met are all very intelligent. My IQ is 149. My best (blonde) friend's is a 135. I can name nine blondes with IQs above 130, disproving the theory that blondes are more dumb. It's a load of bullshit, people.
(real) Blondes don't neccesarily have more fun. We just have beautiful hair.
by anonymous December 23, 2004
28 40
beautiful people! and its not just for women men also!..sexist people..
-hair color
-stupid stereotype
-an insult..not!(complement)
-blondes hav more fun..tru.but not always.
-most blondes are brunettes..who made the right decision to stick to the hair color they were BORN with!
-everyone looks better blonde..did u see lucy lu with her cute blonde wig in charlies angels? very sexy!
anyone who has a problem with blondes..has some unattended problems and obviously some anger management problems that they need to get over! don't judge blondes..they're all unique and different in their own ways..ahtletic, beautiful, ugly, intelligent, dumb, crazy,tall, short,interesting, and funny. So dont label them and work on your own PROBLEMS..your not perfect!
Did you see all those beautiful blonde models in sports illustrated? including anna kournikova!

That blonde really sticks out among all her friends..ill go for her!
by tennisstar* June 17, 2004
31 43
a person who is very slow, un smart, or is just plain stupid

a hair color

the biggest prep in your school!
she is such a blonde!
by Erin silva May 12, 2004
32 44
A hair color. Many blondes are known to be too wrppped up in their bodies to pay attention to anything. This causes the blonde jokes.
Two blondes were trying to unlok their car with a hair pin when one shouted, "Hurry! It's starting to rain and the top is down!"
by allison April 09, 2004
32 44
FAKE blondes r becpming dumber b/c they keep bleaching there hair& the chmicals from the bleach sink into their brain n skull n cause problems.
So there fore the real blondes r smarter b.c they dont do it to their own hair.
so fake blblondes r better.
"OMG.hahahaha. im so blonde. im so happy!!"
by ifukin love him and hate you July 10, 2008
4 17