Someone who throws their cell phone away in the garbage can in the bathroom of Taco Bell.
by Jenbug August 11, 2008
The epitome of the young unintelligent female demographic.Generally considered the All American Girls,although they are stupid and unreal females!
"Super-fun"-Elle Woods
by Nite August 03, 2003
stupid girl, likely to be named rachel. you think she is acting dumb, but she actually is just dumb to the core. lacks cmmon sense, but is likely to be book smart and very very beautiful. gives everyone a good laugh when she messes up being dumb.
girl: *1 walks into lampost*

girl: 'your so blonde!'
by jellyfish963 November 06, 2010
people who odnt no how 2 spell dammit rite they spell it damnit(dam-Knit)
wow Brittany is sooooo Blonde she cant spell dammit rite! wat a whore!
people with blonde hair
girls that have blonde hair are usally described as stupid and sluts.
there's a brunette in my class,i swear to god if she was blonde she'd be the living stereotype of a blonde
by mr.fuckoff December 17, 2007
thought to be stupid by society. In reality, the only blondes I know and have met are all very intelligent. My IQ is 149. My best (blonde) friend's is a 135. I can name nine blondes with IQs above 130, disproving the theory that blondes are more dumb. It's a load of bullshit, people.
(real) Blondes don't neccesarily have more fun. We just have beautiful hair.
by anonymous December 23, 2004
Hair color that ugly girls dye their hair to, in order to become more slutty (thus more attractive).
- Nobody wants to go out with me!
- Then dye your hair to blonde!
by Darko M. November 19, 2008

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