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A hair color that's a light gold color, and is usually associated with ditziness and stupidity. Usually they're just as smart as people with other hair colors, but some of them act dumb because they think the whole "dumb blonde" thing is cute or something. They're not necessarily prettier than brunettes or other hair colors, but some of them put extra effort into makeup, fashion and weight control because of what society expects of blondes. Hair color is entirely superficial, and it's extremely shallow to judge entirely on a physical feature that can be changed as easy as hair color. Certainly some blondes are ditzy and stupid, but so can anyone. Let their personality speak for itself, not their hair.
As a brunette, I haven't noticed any correlation between blondes and ditziness at my school. Some of them are even at the top of our class.
by Becca January 07, 2005
2751 808
The type of female that minority men(Especially Black men) want to date and marry.

Looked at as easy and ditzy, or stuck up and bitchy.
Black Man: Damn I want to tap that blonde trick. *Leaves his black girlfriend for the white blonde*
by Manny Fre$h316 September 18, 2010
3 6
A gurl that is funny and crazy as well from all the people that make fun of them.
Hey I'm a blonde to!!! But it's really fun to be one. Hehehe
by Amanda March 22, 2003
17 20
someone with light colored hair and sexy features. :)
I am a sexy blonde with big boobs. :)
by Stacy April 04, 2004
47 52
A Stupid female whose only use is to have sex with
A job interview
Boss: we dont allow blondes here
by Immortal King February 04, 2011
5 12
a person that seems to be stupid or dumb or there just trying to be stupid to get atition, acting dizty just to get boys to like them
samantha:Jordyn your such a blonde!
Jordyn:Just because i'm blonde dosen't mean i'm stupid and just because i'm stupid dosnt mean i'm blonde!
by x_punkxloser_x May 21, 2005
5 12
A hair color usually associated with stupid people and great sex.
She may be a blonde... but she gives good head.
by WaCha McWang December 06, 2003
37 44
a girl- ditzy, stupid, forgetful, annoying, thinks shes better than everyone
by kelby March 05, 2003
38 45