A hair color that's a light gold color, and is usually associated with ditziness and stupidity. Usually they're just as smart as people with other hair colors, but some of them act dumb because they think the whole "dumb blonde" thing is cute or something. They're not necessarily prettier than brunettes or other hair colors, but some of them put extra effort into makeup, fashion and weight control because of what society expects of blondes. Hair color is entirely superficial, and it's extremely shallow to judge entirely on a physical feature that can be changed as easy as hair color. Certainly some blondes are ditzy and stupid, but so can anyone. Let their personality speak for itself, not their hair.
As a brunette, I haven't noticed any correlation between blondes and ditziness at my school. Some of them are even at the top of our class.
by Becca January 07, 2005
usually a word to describe the hair colour of female hair, a silky golden hue that can vary in intensity.
Men of all cultural backgrounds are often attracted to blondes.
The word can also be attributed to hair on other portions of the body (such as hair on arms or blonde pubic hair).

Blondes are white caucasian women and often seen as very appealing.
The blonde with her glistening golden hair was truly appealing to all the guys on the street in Rome.
#golden #light #white woman #white women #caucasian #fair #appealing
by deevan January 07, 2007
A term lazy and stupid people use because they can't use their brain enough to see white people as anything other than blonde.
Black panthers call a brown hair brown eye jesus blonde haired and blue eyed.
#stupid #lazy #dumb #blah #blubber
by traveling bob August 14, 2006
someone who is totally like bright and cheery and sunny. and like she is so fun to be around. also someone who is like EXTREMELY proud of their haircolor. blondes are like so much more like happy with their hair. and if their not, there usually a brunette who had like a bad happening with hair dye/bleach. blondes usually are hot. and a true blonde you can tell apart from those nasty wannabee fake ones. thats right.
Blonde: Your face looks terrible!
"Blonde": Oh my gosh! WHY!?
Blonde: because you used to be brunette and dying your hair is so like wannabee and if you arent naturally like blonde then it just DOESNT work. sorry. =)

Elle is a blonde. (me)
#antonyms: brunette #not proud #red head #ugly #not fun to be with
by elled November 23, 2005
Blondes are beautiful and often very smart; it is no coincidence or arbitrary fact that surveys show more bachelors imagining their future wives as blondes than not. Blondes also do, for the record, have more fun. And they make the best girlfriends.
Blondes Hall of Fame 2011

1. Naomi Watts
2. Kristen Bell
3. Scarlett Johansson
4. Yvonne Strahovski
5. Leila Josefowicz
6. Kaley Cuoco
7. Reese Witherspoon
8. Gretchen Carlson
9. Lauren Conrad
10. Jamie Colby
11. Shannon Bream
#beautiful #girlfriends #wives #naomi watts #kristen bell
by Who Dunnat, Troy, MI March 17, 2011
Blondes are very, very beautiful women. In all shapes, sizes and kinds, blondes are always the most beautiful of women.
Blondes Hall of Fame 2010

1. Miss Oklahoma 2010
2. Yvonne Strahovski
3. Carrie Underwood
4. Lauren Conrad
5. Taylor Swift
6. Shannon Bream
7. Scarlett Johansson
8. Amanda Drury
9. Melissa Schumann
10. Christina Aguilera
#beautiful #amazing #lauren conrad #yvonne strahovski #shannon bream
by Jason Brown, Atlanta May 31, 2010
A very stupid blonde girl.
Stupid blonde: Mom, my sister has her monthly period.
Mom: Haw can you know that?
Stupid blonde: Because dad's cock tastes blood.
#stupid blonde #girl #cocksucker #fucker #blond
by Maniac_88 March 18, 2006
awesome person that has fun 24/7. may be a stupid person but not all the time.
Look at that blonde, all her talent... she could b a professional!
by Melissa July 08, 2003
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