Hot girls who are mistaken for being dumb just because of their hair color. psh..
Joanna and Noelle are mistaken for being dumb, just cuz their hair is blonde.
by Noelle October 12, 2004
1. A fair, yellowish hair color.

2. An insult to any color haired people; another word for dumb or stupid.
Blonde1: Oh! My! Gosh! I think my goldfish just drowned!

Blonde2: That's a tragedy! Hey, do you know you what 'tragedy' means?

Blonde1: Beats me!

Brunette: You two are so BLONDE!
by kate blanchlet October 20, 2006
To be a little more political correct.Unmixed blonde, have yellow hair, blue eye. Skin texture is somewhat yellow to dark yellow orange color, not to much hair on body, little thin hair on eye brows.Many may have many freckles on body arms and face.Usually heavy mixed with southern Euro's(Whites), probably more than what South American Indian are mixed with Spanish(Whites) decent.those millions that are mixed, usually they refer to themselves as whites, only having blue eye with dark hair or blonde hair with brown eyes, with similar texture skin as those of southern euro's. Blonde hair with blue eyes are sometimes reffered to as blonde,Ethnic Identity just caucasian for simplicity sake.Becuase of TV brought the world closer together, there is more of a subliminial agreement that these two groups are in the same race and ethnic Identity, which is really false, since both groups have same Head structure, rounds eyes, thin lips, big hands, long legs long arms they are under caucasian, but vary in skin texture and color. Both groups know each other differnece, taking extremes sides, they are different.

Many countries under caucasian, and every country could say, you look armenian, you look Italian, you look German, you look Spanish, you look Russian, you look from finland etc. Not to political correct, caucasians since caucasian mountian are by Armenia. I should be more like Southern Euro's and Sadanavians.
Blonde race

by Ryan12 July 24, 2006
less a hair color, and more a personality trait, meaning lacking in common sense; misconception that people with blonde's have more fun, when in reality they just think everything is amusing because they're really never quite sure of what's going on
I just had a blonde moment.
by miSs kAtiE June 08, 2005
A person who says something or who gets something half an hour later, who laughs for something for ages.
oh my god, you are so blonde, you freak!
by Claire March 27, 2005
the blonde jokes started because the orignal blonde hair dies were so stroong they would actually kill brain cells, all the jokes were suppose to be towards bottle blondes but the dies have been changed a lot since then so theres no need to make the jokes anymore. But u can still make fun of the irish
the scandinavian country have some of the greatest and hardest education plans and a lot of them are naturally blonde.
by n333m August 28, 2004
a girl- ditzy, stupid, forgetful, annoying, thinks shes better than everyone
by kelby March 05, 2003
A Stupid female whose only use is to have sex with
A job interview
Boss: we dont allow blondes here
by Immortal King February 04, 2011
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