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Hot girls who are mistaken for being dumb just because of their hair color. psh..
Joanna and Noelle are mistaken for being dumb, just cuz their hair is blonde.
by Noelle October 12, 2004
A fair hair color. The color can range from a very pale blonde to a reddish "strawberry" blonde or "sandy" blonde color. Blondes usually have a lighter skin tone than people with darker hair. Some people tend to think that blondes lack intelligence or are less serious-minded. This is just a stereotype, hair color doesn't determine your intelligence. Although some blondes like to act like "dumb blondes" because they think it's cute. Blonde hair is mostly paired with blue eyes, but other eye colors are paired with blonde hair too.
That girl has blonde hair.
by Shameeka July 06, 2012
A hair color that is often confused with being stupid because blondes have more hair on their heads
All you people who are tired of this dumb blonde crap, come and listen to a song I've written on this matter - "Dumb Blonde Blues" - and maybe after you hear it, you'll open your eyes on the fact that the color of your hair has nothing to do with your intelligence.
by Karen Stickney April 29, 2006
n.] A variety of hashish, referring to its golden color.
"Wanna buy some blonde?"
by callinghome November 01, 2004
(Alternatively spelled blond) is a hair color that ranges from nearly white to ash blonde, typically the darker the shade, they more common it is. Strawberry blonde is usually a light orange.

Like all hair colors, it is associated with positive and negative stereotypes:
Positive-Blondes are more attractive and fun than other hair colors. This is true for some (Scarlet Johannsen) but does not work for others (ie Angelina Jolie when she dyed it).
Negative-Blondes are dumb. Like the other stereotype there are people who live up to this (Paris Hilton) and people who don't (Margaret Thatcher).
Blondes can have platinum, reddish, golden or ashen hair and can be pretty, ugly, smart or dumb.
by BlueEyedBoy January 01, 2013
a female or male with a golden or yellowish haircolor that does not affect your intelligence (i am blonde and i skipped 2 grades ha ha hah ha)
I am smart blonde
by Maddie April 06, 2004
A person who acts really stupid even if they aren't necessarily. Also associated with forgetfulness, ditzy, and bouncy. Can laugh excessively
Jen, you're being such a blonde today!

Jen: hehe, I know! heheheheh!
by megan February 15, 2004
girls that act stupid even if they dont have blonde hair have no common sense...has nothing to do with grade point average or how well they do in school
a girl taht trips and falls quite often and doesnt stay with or understand any words bigger than pronunciation
by Paul March 05, 2003