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Hot girls who are mistaken for being dumb just because of their hair color. psh..
Joanna and Noelle are mistaken for being dumb, just cuz their hair is blonde.
by Noelle October 12, 2004
Description of a person, usually female, stricken by a particularly severe lack of intelligence. The blonde's brain, whcih is limited in size, is constantly in a daze, making the understanding of very simple ideas, concepts, and jokes impossible for her.
"How do you confuse a blonde? Put her in a circular room and tell her to find the corner. How does the blonde confuse you? She comes back and says she did."
by JtothaC March 13, 2005
A personality not just a hair color
Did u see that brunette, man was she blonde. She thought 2+2 equaled 22
by Farleyman July 04, 2003
you hear people say things like: You're so blonde and then you don't know what blonde means especially if your hairs not blonde.

Blonde means stupid basically
Kylie minouge: oh i have just realised why scarecrows are called scarecrows cos they scare ------ crows
beyonce: oh your so blonde kylie!
by Cherry1977 July 23, 2009
the most sexy type of girl, almost always has an amazing body, huge boobs, and a nice ass, but is as dumb as a rock
Guy1- Hey I really want that hot blonde over there
Guy2- Yeah but she is so dumb!!
Guy1- True but her body, boobs, and ass are perfect
Guy2- True my friend!
by clubboy010 December 16, 2009
Ditzy,annoying,and oblivious to the world around them.Usually very hyperactive,has no personality and often watches "bring it on"and "legally blonde"
WTF! danielle quit being so damned blonde!!
by Loo November 17, 2003
A stripper or stripper-in-training.
That blonde just gave me a lapdance and asked me for a ride home.
by major_delmac February 28, 2005
a girl at my school named sam smith. She frequently gets mistaken as sam stevens by teachers, she is the blondest of all blondes. and she cant tell what a hand "g" is. she thouhgt it was p, i, h, j, k, l, but not one time did she guess g. I think she needs medical help.
oh god here comes sam the blonde, aka anna nichole smith
by sarah December 14, 2004