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One who is not physically blonde, but may be associated with some of the characterists of blondes', possitive or negative. Also, may be one who wishes they were blonde, but this mostly is used with the above definition.
"God, I wish I was blonde. Id look alot better, owell guess im still blonde at heart"

"I have my kinda ditsy moments, guess im blonde at heart."
by KC August 09, 2004
A guy who would be blonde he was a girl. or a girl who is like a blonde ceptin fer her hair color. ussually only spoken arond friends
Nice... ur so stupid...
So are you!
Naw im just blonde at heart
by Pimpin in Pink November 26, 2004
This could mean she is of any race, but a total slut/slapper!
Boy: Oh hey ure hairs nice.....Really browny/red....
Blonde at heart chick: (Whilst suggestingly giggling) Oh hey, a gals gotta shampoo her hair 20million times a day wen a gals gotta shampoo her hair 20million times a day!!!
by Ellana iz propa buff blud January 08, 2006
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