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Bimbo, Blonde, Dumb, Unable to hear people on the phone.
The above are all words describing Bryonie White. She has many famous quotes such as those below.
Examples of "Blonde (19/6/2010 Update) - Bryonie White"
Person 1 - "Hello"
Bryonie - " Maybe "
Person 1 - "Hello, can you hear me"
Bryonie - "What was that"
Person 1 - "I'll rape you"
Bryonie - "I heard about that on the news"
Person 1 - "He's writing about you on UrbanDictionary"
Bryonie - "He's reading me the dictionary?"
Person 1 - "Hey I can come to your place whatever time u like tomorrow. What time suits you"
Bryonie - "What time can you come over?"
Person 1 *in the process of dying of laughter* - "Anytime"
Bryonie - "Ok, so maybe don't bother then?"
by Dmaster0001 June 19, 2010
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